Kitchen accessories

The convenience of the cooking process and the cook’s culinary capabilities largely depend on the quantity and quality of kitchen utensils. Besides electrical appliances, sets of pots, pans and cutlery, the kitchen is equipped with additional devices to adjust the space for themselves and family culinary preferences.

Kitchen accessories must be functional and reliable. You need to pay attention to the ergonomics of the items in a set, because such tools are used by a hostess almost every day. Consider also the material which the kitchen utensils are made of — it influences their strength, durability and degree of heating when working with hot meals.

When choosing accessories, focus on the shape of the existing containers for cooking: pots with rounded corners is better combined with an oval ladle, a frying pan with non-stick coating is combined with a wooden or plastic spatula that does not scratch the surface of teflon, marble or other material. Depending on the purpose of kitchen appliances manufacturers produce the sets of different types of accessories.

According to the method of application, auxiliary kitchen products are divided into the following categories: accessories for stirring, for turning products during cooking and putting food into plates:

– the basic sets of this type include a spatula, large spoon and fork, ladle, skimmer, manual mini- strainer (some secondary devices of the set can be replaced by other items – tongs, whisk, etc.);

– cutting products: individual knives or sets of knives with different purposes- for cutting, for universal purposes, for fillet, for cheese, for bread;

– containers for storing spices, bread and other products: miniature dishes for spices sold by triads or fours (selected depending on the number of permanent spices on the table), this category includes vessels for temporary storage of products: containers, salad bowls, etc;

– cutting surfaces: wood, plastic, metal (it is recommended to use different coatings for specific products).

We should also highlight kitchen accessories that are not mandatory in every kitchen, but can make life easier for a culinary master. This group includes an egg cutter, an onion holder, a tea strainer, an electronic timer, a slicer for cutting bananas and other fruits, a stone picker, etc.


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