6 Hair Glamour Tips And Tricks

Below are 6 tried-and-true hair care tips that will get you through the worst hair sessions. We all want a fairy-tale kind of hair, as soft as a touchable cloud, but nobody can counter the truth that hair grows only half an inch per month. The real key to a long hair is just a little bit of patience watching these babies grow. Read on for insider tips to having long, silky and shiny locks on your glorious mane.

#1: Stop damaging your hair

Hair coloring products, flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers are the long-hair-don’ts. Chemical application and excessive heat may cause drying and exacerbating damage to your hair. If you are a hair-lover, stay away from or limit to near zero these don’ts.

#2: If your hair is already damaged, it is time to face the scissors.

Hair’s biggest enemy is breakage. Splitting ends are commonly seen on hair that were stylized and colored many times. Make it a habit to get your precious hair “trimmed” every other month you visit your stylist. This keeps the hair long and healthy. Don’t feel sorry about wasting the bits of length, because if you wait too long between cuts, splitting ends could split further or the trimmed strands could re-split, meaning more hair to go next time you seek the hair dresser.

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6 Hair Glamour Tips And Tricks

6 Hair Glamour Tips And Tricks

#3: Go Sulfate-free

Under-shampooing is never a good idea. The more you shampoo, the more hydrated your scalp skin will be and the longer your hair will grow without breaking. Don’t think more in this case means once a week, as it could mean every day. Consider choosing a sulfate-free formula that contains less harsh detergents so that it doesn’t strip your hair of natural oils.

#4: Sun and heat protection

Once you have stepped outside without protection, your hair is at high risk of fading due to oxidation, lack of moisture and overall distress. It does not mean you have to put chemical sunscreen all over your scalp. Spray or apply the broad sunlight spectrum hair protection product onto the middle to the end section of your hair. What about the other half? Accessorize it with a hat or hair scarf or headband to put further protection and at the same time make it more attractive.

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#5: Natural remedies to mask your hair

A mixture of extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, vitamin E, honey and argan oil will quicken hair growth, lessen hair shredding, and improve the overall quality of your hair. 1-2 hours of hair masking before washing with shampoo will be a fantastic way to moisturize and nourish any color-treated hair.

#6: Eat, pray, and love for your hair

Eat a healthy, well balanced diet; drink plenty of water and get enough rest are among the best things you can do in order to make your hair shiny from roots to Rapunzel’s kind of ends.

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