7 easy step to make MBLEx application

How to start MBLEx application?

Passing the MBLEx is one of the final steps to attain a license as a professional massage therapist in many states.

The Actual MBLEx is 125 questions with a 2 and 1/2  hour (150 minutes) time limit.
Actual MBLEx Content Outline (source: The FSMTB Handbook):
Anatomy & Physiology
17-18 Questions (14%)
Benefits & Physiological Effects of Techniques that Manipulate Soft Tissue
21-22 Questions (17%)
Client Assessment, Reassessment & Treatment Planning
21-22 Questions (17%)
Ethics, Boundaries, Regulations, Laws
16-17 Questions (13%)
13-14 Questions (11%)
Massage Overview & Bodywork History / Culture / Modalities
6-7 Questions (5%)
Pathology, Special Populations, Areas of Caution
16-17 Questions (13%)
Professional Practice Guidelines
12-13 Questions (10%)

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Now, you can see step by step to make MBLEx application if you want to become  a professional massage therapist:

Step 1: Apply to take the MBLEx

Step 2: Wait 5 business Days for FSMTB processing

Step 3: Receive the Notice to Schedule (NTS) Email Confirmation

Step 4: Call or Schedule online with the Pearson VUE nearest you (can not do this without confirmation code in NTS)

Step 5: Schedule and take Exam within 90 Days (after 90 days you must apply and pay fee again)

Step 6: Receive Pearson VUE email confirmation of Place, Time, and Date

Step 7: Take the MBLEx and receive results at the Pearson VUE’s checkout desk (results are automatically sent to your state board listed on the MBLEx application within 24 hours)

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