A Basic Color Wheel

a basic color wheel

You’ve probably seen a version of the Basic Color Wheel millions of times. But how many people really understand how it works? It looks surprisingly simple and obvious. So obviously simple in fact, that most people overlook its potential to unlock the mysteries of using color effectively. The whole subject of color is tricky. It […]

What is tone color?

What is tone colour

What is Tone and Why is it Important to Painting, Perhaps Even More than Color? What tone means in a painting context is simple. It’s how light or dark a color is, rather than what the actual color or hue is. Yet implementing tone in a painting is often bothersome to artists because we get […]

History and theory of color

History of color theory- goethe color wheel

What is color theory? Color Theory is a set of principles used to create harmonious color combinations. Color relationships can be visually represented with a color wheel — the color spectrum wrapped onto a circle. The color wheel is a visual representation of color theory: According to color theory, harmonious color combinations use any two […]