Law of Canada

Law of Canada

Canada is governed by a system of laws. The Canadian legal system has its foundation in the British common law system, inherited from being a former colony of the United Kingdom and later a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. The legal system is bi-jurisdictional, as the responsibilities of public (includes criminal) and private law […]

Government of Canada

Canada Government

Democracy preserves people’s rights Canadians value their right to vote and to decide who will govern their country. Canada is a democracy. This means Canadian citizens have many rights—and the power to change laws and the way governments at all levels work. Canadians do this by electing people to act for them at the federal, […]

Canada’s people

Population of Canada

Population of Canada Canadians make up 0.5% of the world’s total population,2010 having relied upon immigration for population growth and social development. Approximately 41% of current Canadians are first or second generation immigrants, meaning two out of every five Canadians currently living in Canada were not born in the country.Statistics Canada projects that, by 2031, […]