Laser tattoo removal practice test

Laser tattoo removal practice test

Tattoo removal has been performed with various tools during the history of tattooing. Fresh tattoo artists should know information about laser tattoo removal practice tests. It’s necessary for your career. While tattoos were once considered permanent, it is now possible to remove them with treatments, fully or partially. Pre-laser tattoo removal methods include dermabrasion, TCA […]

How to become a tattoo artist

It seems that with the popularity of tattoos and the potential for high income, a lot of people want to become a tattoo artist. Many of them make the mistake of buying a kit and practicing on their friends, which is very dangerous. Many of these people never become truly successful at tattooing anyway, and […]

Tattoo artist

tattoo artist

What is a tattoo artist? A tattoo artist (also tattooer or tattooist) is an individual who applies permanent decorative tattoos, often in an established business called a “tattoo shop,” “tattoo studio” or ‘”tattoo parlour.” Tattoo artists usually learn their craft via an apprenticeship under a trained and experienced mentor. The history of tattoo began over […]

Tattoo definitions test online

Tattoo Definitions Test Online

Definitions of Tattoos Tattoo The permanent insertion of ink below the skin, using a sharp instrument. Humans have done tattooing for cosmetic and ritual purposes since at least the Neolithic era. Today the practice is made relatively safe by the use of nonreactive pigments; sterile, disposable needles; and sterile work conditions. Without these refinements, inks […]

Tattoo vocabulary test online

Tattoo Vocabulary Test Online

Slang terms in tattooing There are a lot of slang terms you will hear in and outside the tattoo shops. Some of them are primarily used by tattoo artists to describe their experiences, and some are used by enthusiasts as slang terms for their tattoos. Either way, the tattoo community has broken the rules and […]

Tattoo History Test

Tattoo History Test

A brief history of tattoos The word tattoo is said to has two major derivations- from the polynesian word ‘ta’ which means striking something and the tahitian word ‘tatau’ which means ‘to mark something’. The history of tattoo began over 5000 years ago and is as diverse as the people who wear them. Tattoos are […]