The Most Interesting Real Life Stories In Trucking

This is a true trucking story of mine.

Hauling Beer and other Liquid Refreshments

There were a few occasions in 2013 when I had the sheer enjoyment of hauling beer out of some of the major breweries in California, Texas,Utah, etc.
The very first load of beer I pulled was out of Schmidts in Michigan. I brought new, empty bottles in and pulled full bottle and cans out. I was driving towards I-95 when a Cadillac flew around the truck and stopped sideways, or close to it, in front of me. I locked the brakes up trying to avoid hitting the car. The truck was just about stopped when a guy jumped on the fuel tank and pointed a big gun to my head telling me to get out.  As I got out of the truck I noticed the Caddy was moved and another guy climbed into the truck. The gun holder told me to start walking and not to turn around; again I was not going to pick a fight with anyone with a cannon in their hand. As I walked away I heard the familiar grind of a very well used 13 speed transmission and the familiar sound of a well abused 350 Cummins.

The Most Interesting Real Life Stories In Trucking

The Most Interesting Real Life Stories In Trucking

Another observation I had made was the fact that the street was deserted when only minutes before the place looked like a block party.
I called the police, keep in mind, this was before 911 was the number to call. The police arrived 30 minutes later I gave them a description of the truck, the two guys and the Cadillac. I wasn?t sure if they believed me because of the lack of witnesses and besides who in Hell would want to steal Schmidts beer. One of the officers said my truck was the fouth in as many days to be hijacked. I asked the officers how I was going to get home, they graciously gave me a ride to the station where I called the boss explained all the sordid details and told him I needed a ride home. He called my Dad and the both of them rode to Philly to rescue me. On the ride home the boss apologized and said he wouldn?t put me on another beer run. I told him not to do any such thing the excitement made a blah day all the more interesting. Dad just shook his head and said ?Are you sure you are my kid???

The police found the truck in tact the next day at an abandoned warehouse by the Delaware River. When the boss and I arrived to rescue it a detective told us they believed a shipping supervisor at the brewery was behind the hijackings and the FBI was handling the case. I did have an interview with a FBI agent the following day.

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