North Dakota State Board Of Cosmetology License Requirements

How to obtain a North Dakota cosmetology license?

To get a cosmetology license in North Dakota or a license in one of the other beauty practitioner disciplines in this state you have to attend a licensed school and complete the minimum required training hours before you can take the state’s board exams. These required training hours are specified by the North Dakota Board of Cosmetology. After you pass the exam you can apply for the license. The total examination fee is $40.

North Dakota State Board Of Cosmetology License Requirements

North Dakota State Board Of Cosmetology License Requirements

North Dakota Cosmetology Licenses

North Dakota board of cosmetology don’t provide and approve all kinds of license in cosmetology field. Board of cosmetology administrate licenses in Cosmetology, Electrology, Esthetics, Manicurist in state North Dakota.

Board Of Cosmetology License Requirements In North Dakota

Common requirements:

Must have a high school diploma or G.E.D.
Must have graduated from a state-licensed cosmetology program
Must have passed the state licensing exam
You must also have completed required hours in an approved cosmetology school curriculum. Also you must pass state board examinations and pay fees.

North Dakota Training Hours Requirements In Accredited Cosmetology Schools

Specific requirements:

Cosmetologist license: 1800 Beauty School Hours
Barber license: 1500 Barber School Training Hours
Esthetician license: 600 Esthetics School Hours
Nail Technician license: 350 Nail School Hours
Electrologist license: 600 Electrolysis Training Hours
Cosmetology Instructor license: Cosmetology License + 1 Year Work Experience + 160 Hours
Massage Therapist license: 750 Massage Therapist School Training Hours

North Dakota(ND) State Board Of Cosmetology License Renewal Process

North Dakota cosmetology licenses must be renewed annually. North Dakota required 4 hours of continuing education per renewal period. To renew your license in North Dakota you need to provide the North Dakota Cosmetology Board with your renewal form, renewal fee and proof of continuing education hours.

Reciprocity/Transfer Steps In North Dakota

If your license did not approved by the North Dakota Board of Cosmetology, it does not automatically qualify you for a cosmetology license in North Dakota. But you qualify for licensure through reciprocity  if your state license requirements are equal to or greater than North Dakota’s requirements. If you do not qualify for reciprocity, you may apply for a license by examination.

To apply for a North Dakota license by reciprocity, you must:

Step 1: Provide proof that you are licensed in another state and the license is in good standing. Please contact your State Board to have them mail certification directly to the North Dakota State Board of Cosmetology. Certification can take time to obtain and most have a fee, so call your state immediately.

Step 2: Meet the required education hours (as stated above). If you do not meet these hours, 3,000 hours or more of work experience may be considered substantially equal to a maximum of 300 hours of school training. This is for cosmetology only.

Step 3: Submit the following items for approval.
Reciprocity application
Copy of birth certificate
Copy of high school education or GED
Copy of photo identification
Work experience
Proof of licensure. This must be completed by the State Board of Cosmetology where your current license is being held. Contact your State Board for a letter of certification and a copy of your state license requirements to be sent directly to the ND State Board of Cosmetology.
Once all information is received, the North Dakota State Board of Cosmetology will contact you on what procedures you qualify for licensure. If approved for reciprocity, you will have to take and pass the North Dakota Laws, Rules & Regulations test, and pay the reciprocity fee of $105.00 plus the original license fee.

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