Top 5 Completely Useful Facts About Esthetician Rules

Following are 5 the most important esthetician rules for growing your professional esthetics career. You know, esthetics is not simply an art. Behind every playful look and every high-born distant glare there hides a code of ethics for all those who desire to make people look beautiful in their own way. These 5 do’s and don’ts will make you think more about your esthetician’s philosophy of operation:

Say a big NO to chewing gum

If you are an licensed esthetician, you should be gum-free. At work we are to look professional, act professional and chewing gum does not add to this appearance. In a constant contact with clients, it will be a more polished look without the chomping of gums. And I can swear nobody enjoys getting a wad of gum stuck to the bottom of their shoes.

The beginners who love to work in cosmetology field can get started studying with state board practice test to obtain a cosmetology license.

Don’t be a smell-annoyer

A perfume that someone may find delightful can be downright offensive or discomforting to some clients, causing disorder to those who are allergic or aversive to certain scents, which means headaches and even nausea. It’s important for the clients to feel comfortable with your overall presence, look-and-smell. A neutrally scented body gel wouldn’t cause any harm to client’s nose. Keep your vitals and basic hygiene. Besides, there is nothing worse than having a esthetician smell like bacon or scotch, so try your best to abstain from these nose-killers.
When working with clients, your face is literally just inches from theirs. It’s also important NOT to have odorous breath. If you have an appointment with clients today, try to not eat anything with strong odors the night before or on your lunch break. Odors do not even have to be disgusting to ruin your work, because any odor can mess up the overall fragrance setup that your customers prefer. Eat like a monk if you have to, the clients already paid you for that!

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Top 5 Completely Useful Facts About Esthetician Rules

Top 5 Completely Useful Facts About Esthetician Rules

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Your spa or workplace’s cleanliness, sanitation and your personal hygiene are among the most important influences in attracting new customers and in keeping the ones you’ve already got. Be a perfectionist. Keep your table clean, wash your hands, tie your hair, manicure your nails, wear a neutral color nail tone or not at all, take off jewelries before you touch your client’s face. Keep everything neat!

Never say “Sorry, I’m late”

It’s not surprising that estheticians sometimes get “off-track” with some “heavy-duty” clients that take an insanely long time for their maybe-clogged pore extraction. In addition, some clients may miss your appointment and show up late, because they are jammed on the street, at work or baby-sitting. That could potentially mess your schedule like a domino effect. Don’t panic and cut down your current client’s session, it must be done thoroughly anyway if you want to get paid. Just try your best to avoid running late for the next customer, if possible skip one who understands your situation and could tolerate another dozen hours. Tik tok tik tok.

“A good listener” should be your prominent personality trait

When working with people closely and face-to-face, estheticians have to be compassionate, sensitive, thoughtful and empathetic. People are going to open up to you both about their skin issues and about their lives. Be a good listener with all ears.
The good esthetician follows client’s lead in terms of how much “chat” there is. Instead of going on confessing about yourself and make a nun of the good client, talking about your client’s concerns. Once you have mastered your salon customer service and have a good relationship with your clients, you will surely have a loyal clientele base for years to come. You can give your clients some advice on home skincare routines, how to take care of the skin between facials, or what products are best suited for their skin. It’s the best way for improving customer service. It’s their time. You are there and well-paid for their good experience.

Make your clients smile, maybe then those clogged pores will just open up!

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