Top Five Interesting Cosmetology Career Facts You Ought To Know

Following are top 5 amazing cosmetology facts about working as an expert in cosmetology industry that might provide information insight into your future career. Cosmetology is an “out-of-the-book” job and a life-long learning process. Yes, no pain no gain. You can never expect the beauty from within yourself to show without at least trying. These interesting facts about cosmetology below should tell why your honorable pain has never been a waste:

Interesting Cosmetology Fact #1 : Your hands are made of “gold”

“Make me beautiful”, customers often come to clinics with these words. Cosmetologists can transform their clients from “simple” to “spectacular” from head to toe in a single session. More than being just artists, they add new vitality to other people’s lives through hair styling, skincare service, nail drawing and makeup painting. “Life-beautifier” – You could be finding yourself described that way, regardless of your occupation.

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Cosmetology Career Fact #2: Salary statistics say “high”

A new era of beauty industry has emerged with growing needs from customer. With low unemployment rate in our industry due to a shortage of licensed salon professionals, your hands will be busy. Cosmetology as a career and cosmetology salary range have dramatically increased in their earning power nowadays. The median salary for cosmetologists is $30,000 to $50,000 per year coming with tips that often go unreported.

Fact #3: Short-time training for full-time license

Be a busy-bee in just 10 to 18 months on a full- or part-time basis, the license will be in your reach. Cosmetology is a hands-on career, it does not require you to eat thousand and thousand pages of academic language like any good professor should. Instead cosmetology is a reality-based profession that encourages you to practice and work-on-it-as-you-see-it. Based on your training program, cosmetology schools teach students a lot of beautifying skills to work with hair, nails, skin, makeup and also other novel procedures if you request.

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Fact #4: Cosmetologists are HOT

Since the beauty industry has been growing and expanding throughout humankind’s recorded history, cosmetologist and hair stylist are ranked in most “50 Hottest Jobs” lists you can find. With this continuing growth and evolution, cosmetology field welcomes you 24/7 and offers a diverse menu of opportunities. A hot job is one thing, what about a hot look? Surely you could make yourself look just as good as you do your other clients, right?

Top Five Interesting Cosmetology Career Facts

Top Five Interesting Cosmetology Career Facts

Fact #5: You’ll have a “global” home!

A career in the world of beauty gives you incredible flexibility in terms of location. You can work virtually anywhere. Salons, spas, hotels and resorts located all across the globe. Don’t worry if you have to run after a long list of customers scattering the world over. A job that gets you travelling around? Why not?

Remember: you are for beauty and you believe in beauty. The mindset will change your world before you know it.


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      Thanks so much for your query! Yes, definitely! If you wanna to go further on the path to be a cosmetologist, education is essentially required to get licensed. Hope you find your right orientation ! Best luck :)

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