Top secret keys in preparing for the MBLEx exam

The MBLEx is administrated by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards(FSMTB).

FSMTB decide who is qualified for a state massage license. If you do not want to waste your time and money, you should prepair carefully in gaining licensure. But how to prepare for the MBLEx exam for licensing in massage and bodywork? You can not read everything about MBLEx on internet and huge kind of massage books. And the MBLEx includes 125 random questions in eight concentrated areas of content, how you can know and remember all the answers?
So, the keys to study in preparing for MBLEx exam is:

Step 1:

The MBLEx test taker should use preparation resources provided by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB). You will find several things to help you study for and pass this massage license exam. You will find out an extensive list of exam references. These books are your primary sources of information that may be on the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination.

Step 2:

The MBLEx candidates should study each topic listed in the eight concentrated areas of content one by one until you have completed your exam preparation. The exam has eight concentrated areas of content: Client assessment and treatment plans, Benefits and Affects of Techniques, Pathology with Contraindications and Cautions, Massage History, Ethics- Boundaries–Laws & Regulations, Guidelines for Professional Practice, Kinesiology, and Anatomy & Physiology. The content outline for the MBLEx breaks down further the categories used for establishing the questions in the MBLEx.

The breakdown of the 125 massage questions on the MBLEx is as follows:
20-22 questions on Client assessment and treatment plans 17% (Assessment)
20-22 questions Benefits and affects of techniques 17% (Application)
15-17 questions on Pathology with contraindications and cautions 13% (Pathology)
5-7 questions on Massage History 5% (CAM). you should try some MBLEx sample practice test questions on history of massage
15-18 questions on Ethics, Boundaries, Laws & Regulations 13% (Professional). You can see some Free MBLEx sample practice questions and answers on Ethics Boundaries Laws and Regulations 2013
11-13 questions on Guidelines for Professional Practice 10% (Professional). You can also try some MBLEx Questions and Answers on Guidelines for Massage Training
12-15 questions on Kinesiology 11% (A&P)
16-18 questions on Anatomy & Physiology 14% (A&P / Body Systems)

for a total of 125 questions

The MBLEx Fees: $195.00. If you fail the exam you will have to apply and pay the fees again.

Notes on Qualifying for the MBLEx:

The general route to getting a massage license is to attend an approved massage therapy school or training program. Generally, this is going to mean a live course with hands-on training, as massage therapy really cannot be fully taught online even if some programs claim to teach you massage therapy and bodywork over the Internet.

In addition, the only way to qualify for the MBLEx is to either attest that you have received an education in massage or are otherwise approved to take the massage licensing test by a state massage board. But boards can and typically do require a formal education. Thus, most candidates will need to have attended an accredited massage therapy school.

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