Information About British Citizenship

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British Citizenship The subject of British Nationality can be complicated in certain circumstances, with a number of different ways in which a person may be, or may become a British Citizen. In this section we aim to provide an overview of the main basic routes for applying for British Citizenship, and on contacting our offices […]

British Citizenship and Nationality

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Applying for British Citizenship If you are settled (have Indefinite Leave to Remain – ILR or, in the case of European (EU) nationals, permanent residence) in the UK then you can stay here without any time limit, whatever your nationality. You do not have to become a British citizen. However, many people who have made […]

How can I become a British citizen?

How can I become a British citizen

If you have been allowed to settle, you can apply for citizenship under a process called ‘naturalisation’. The two main ways of doing this are if you: Have lived in the UK for five years and have been settled here for the previous 12 months; or Are married to a British citizen, have lived here […]

How to Become a UK Citizen

How to Become a British Citizen

The law concerning British citizenship and nationality are complex due to the United Kingdom’s long standing history of monarchist power. The 6 different classes of British nationality currently consist of British Citizens, British Overseas Territories citizens, British Overseas citizens, British subjects, British Nationals (Overseas), and British protected persons. Each requires a specific application based on […]

Life in the UK Test

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Who needs to take the citizenship test Applying for naturalisation of British citizenship? Check here and find out if you need to take the Life in the UK test. The Life in the UK Test is a compulsory requirement for most people wanting to apply for naturalisation as a British citizen or permanent residence – also […]

Free US citizenship practice test online (sate Maine)

Free US citizenship practice test online (sate Maine)

Immigration to Maine About Maine Maine is the 23rd state and entered statehood on March 15, 1820. The capital of Maine is Augusta. The state is known for its shellfish industry, such as lobster. In fact, in 1997 approximately 46 million pounds of lobster were harvested. Maine is the leading exporter of blueberries and raises […]